Thursday, 15 December 2011

Prepare for a Marathon

When training for a Marathon or Half you don't have to put in a lot straight away. Work on building up you're miles gradually too get endurance built up.

Keeping you're training fresh so you stay enthusiastic about going out for runs. If you can get out running with a running group/club this is a great way to change up you're training and meet runners at similar running and fitness levels to yourself.

To build endurance and lung capacity try talking while running, if you cant talk your going to fast this is a great way of warming up and preparing your lungs for long and faster runs in that session. To help build endurance you need to be running for at least 45minutes for it to start taking effect.

When out for runs remember quality over time is the best way to build your endurance. Don't think that a lot all at once will get you . if you do to much all at once too early there is more chance of injury and you will burn yourself out. Work towards 26+ miles over a week.

Recover run 45-60mins
Club Run - Various training
Rest or Recovery run 30-60mins
Club Run - Various training
Recovery jog 30-45mins
Longest run of the week

Above: Example of a week of training

Keeping training schedule sometimes can be difficult. If you miss a run at some point try and make it up at another time either with a morning run or just add time on to each run during the week so you don't fall behind.

Running alone - This can be difficult to keep enthusiasm up always running alone. Use it as a way to work on mental strength to get through tough parts of runs.

Use music/pluralists to make sure you're running to a good pace and to the length of time you are running.

Group/Club Running - I found running with a running club a great help, you get ideas for training and this helps you vary up your training schedule. You will also find people who are training towards the same goal as you.

Things to remember while training :

  • Hydration - make sure your drinking plenty during the day even on days you are not training
  • Food - Eating correctly can help build energy and store energy for longer runs can help you recover quicker and be ready before training.
  • Footwear - Pick comfortable and cushioned trainers (Don't have to be expensive to be right)
  • Stick to Goals and schedule best you can.
  • Warm up and cool down - To prevent injury and help recovery
  • Rest - probably the most important to ensure your ready for the next session and to stay fit.

Best time 3hours 14minutes

Any further question to be scared to comment or get in touch :)

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